The Alexandra Residential and Nursing Home is registered for 47 residents, all of these are older people (60+) with or without dementia.

45 of our bedrooms are single occupancy, this means that guests are not expected to share their private space. We can accomodate married couples in the same room if they prefer not to have separate bedrooms and we have 2 double occupancy rooms to facilitate that.

There are 5 bathrooms in total 2 of which are assisted bathrooms located throughout the building.

If it is felt that the safety of the resident permits, they are able to spend time in their rooms, but more often than not residents seek out the company of other residents in the communal areas.

Picture signage on key areas is provided to assist with orientation.

There is ample communal space and we enjoy the benefits of 3 lounges which cater for all preferences. The larger lounge has a ‘Big Screen’ wall mounted TV and music facilities are provided in our smaller, quiet lounge. The quiet, snug lounge is ideal if you want to have a bit of peace and quiet or a private conversation.

We also benefit from 2 dining rooms which are set out with tables and chairs. These rooms are where our residents eat their meals. When not in use for eating, the tables can be used by the residents to participate in some of the activities we arrange.

A passenger lift allows level access to all areas of the home and there is disabled access throughout the home and on entry and exit. For the safety of all residents we have secure entrance /exits.

Our home benefits from a garden with an outdoor seating area that all residents can enjoy if they wish to have some fresh air.

Our residents have access to the following services: hairdresser, chiropodist, dentist, optician and hearing tests. Please note all these services are not covered in our fees and it is the responsibilty of our residents to make payment where appropriate.